Teeth Whitening

Experience Dazzling White Teeth!

Denver patient who got white teeth using professional tooth whitening near Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree.A bright, white smile goes a long way in making a good impression and helping you feel more confident and better about yourself. Teeth whitening is one of the easiest and most common cosmetic dental procedures. From natural aging and lifestyle, our teeth often become discolored.

Through professional tooth whitening at our Lone Tree dentist office, Drs. Adam Almeida and Paul Bell can turn your teeth many shades brighter for a gorgeous smile!

Why Try Teeth Whitening?

Through natural aging and lifestyle, our teeth can become discolored. Common causes of tooth discoloration are smoking, aging, and substances such as coffee, cola, red wine, tea, and tobacco. Discoloration occurs as the tooth enamel becomes less porous. Teeth whitening uses oxidizing agents to oxidize stain deposits lightening the tooth color.

After professional tooth whitening treatments, your teeth can be many shades whiter. Because all teeth are not naturally the same color, teeth whitening helps make your smile uniformly white, leading to increased confidence in your smile.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

  • One of the easiest anti-aging procedures – White teeth make you feel more confident and thus more willing to smile. Research shows that people who smile more often are actually perceived as younger.
  • Whitening is the most conservative way to whiten teeth – Unlike treatments such as veneers or crowns, professional teeth whitening does not require an etching process to prepare the tooth. Thus, with tooth whitening, you get white teeth in the most conservative manner possible.
  • Improved oral health care – Anecdotally we can say that patients who have had their teeth whitened tend to show an improvement in their oral health care routine. After experiencing the positives of what it’s like to have pearly white teeth patients are more inclined to brush, floss, and see the dentist for regular cleanings.
  • Attractiveness – According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 96 percent of adults believe a whiter smile is more attractive.
  • Increase in business – A boost in self-esteem and an increase in perceived attractiveness both lead to an uptick in business performance. When you feel better about yourself, others want to be around you more and it may lead to more business opportunities.
  • Safety – Dentist supervised tooth whitening is safe and allows us to ensure your gums do not get irritated from the process.

Smiling girl shows off her white teeth after receiving a professional tooth whitening near Denver.The Tooth Whitening Procedure:

Procedures can be in-office or self-care. Both of these treatments can be discussed during your dental appointment at our Lone Tree dentist office:

Self-Care – During your first visit, we will perform an examination to determine if you are a candidate for tooth whitening. Next we will create a custom mouthpiece that will ensure you apply the correct amount of whitening solution to your teeth.

Once your mouthpiece has been crafted, you will take home a whitening solution. Many treatments last about two weeks. During that time, you will visit our Lone Tree office periodically to ensure your teeth are responding to the treatment, that we are achieving the desired amount of whitening, and that your gums are not suffering from any irritation.

In-Office – Just like with the self-care treatment, we will create a custom mold for your teeth. Doing it in-office allows us to use a stronger solution, as well as professional light or heat sources.

Schedule a Professional Teeth Whitening Near Highlands Ranch

Denver’s Almeida and Bell Aesthetic Dental Center near Highlands Ranch offers in-office professional tooth whitening to restore a brighter, whiter smile. Take-home teeth whitening kits by NiteWhite® are also available for patients with scheduling conflicts or patients who prefer teeth bleaching treatments in the comfort of their own home.

If you would like a whiter, brighter smile, call our office in Lone Tree, Colorado, at 303-858-9000 or send the simple form on the right, and we will be glad to contact you.