Making The Cost Of Dental Treatment Palatable At Almeida & Bell Aesthetic Dental Center

A healthy smile is priceless and superior dental care is a worthwhile investment in your quality of life. But the cost for treatment and precision restorations can sometimes be prohibitive. Knowing what to expect price-wise can make your dental visit

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Schedule Your Coronation

We treat all of our patients royally here at Almeida & Bell Aesthetic Dental Center, but some of them receive actual crowns. We’re not talking about crowns a king or queen wears, but crowns for your teeth! If you live

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How Long Will A Dental Crown Last?

Denver endodontists, oral surgeons, and general dentists use dental crowns (sometimes called caps) in many restorative treatments. A crown adds strength to a tooth that has a large filling or has been injured, a crown can correct bite misalignments, and

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Dental Crowns At Almeida & Bell Aesthetic Dental Center

Dental crowns have been used in dentistry for over 2000 years. There is evidence that the Etruscans experimented with crowns on teeth using ivory and bone as early as 700 B.C. By 200 A.D., they began using gold crowns to

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Saliva And Lone Tree’s Dental Health

For most of our Lone Tree cosmetic dentistry patients, everyday chewing is enough to stimulate salivary glands to release saliva. Call us if you are experiencing a dry mouth.

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Colorado porcelain veneers and dental crowns

We are Drs. Almeida & Bell, and our practice is called Almeida & Bell Aesthetic Dental Center. We perform cosmetic dentistry in Lone Tree, Colorado.Porcelain veneers and dental crowns are some of our most popular and requested dental procedures. We specialize in many other dental procedures, as well. If you are looking for a local Colorado dental practice that specializes in porcelain veneers and dental crowns, I encourage you to visit Almeida & Bell Aesthetic Dental Center.

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Saving Teeth in Lone Tree

We are Drs. Almeida & Bell DDS of Almeida & Bell Cosmetic Dentistry. We have been practicing dentistry since 1977. During that time we have seen hundreds of teeth saved by this effective dental procedure. Root canal therapy at Almeida & Bell Cosmetic Dentistry in Lone Tree has a very high success rate.

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Sedation Dentistry in Lone Tree

Moderate sedation is used for all types of dental procedures such as root canals, dental implants, and wisdom teeth removal. If you are considering extensive restorative or cosmetic dental work, conscious sedation may allow your Lone Tree dentist to complete multiple procedures in a single visit.

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Use Flex Account Funds for Denver Dentistry

Dr. Adam Almeida & Dr. Paul Bell are some of the most sought-after Denver dentists and they stay at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry techniques and technology. A radiant smile is possible for anyone, regardless of issues such as tetracycline stains, periodontal disease, or missing teeth.

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Correcting Severe Dental Problems in Denver

Drs. Adam Almeida & Paul Bell have the same advanced training and extensive experience as the dentists who keep the smiles of famous actors and musicians camera-ready.

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